About This Program

LEAN (Low-Income Energy Affordability Network)

LEAN is the statewide network of local Community Action Agencies who provide energy efficiency and other energy services at no cost to income eligible clients. LEAN brings together over 40 years of experience and funding from all different sources to identify, scope, project manage, inspect and pay for energy efficiency installations in residential housing.

In addition to energy efficiency, most of the CAPs in the LEAN Network are the providers of Federal Fuel Assistance.

The LEAN Multifamily Program

Low-income multi-family properties owned by public housing authorities, non-profit or for-profit organizations are eligible to apply for assistance to improve the energy usage of their buildings. The program installs approved, cost effective energy efficiency measures. This program is part of Mass Save® and is funded by the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Program Administrators (PAs) below. The program is jointly administered by the PAs and (LEAN).

LEAN also provides energy efficiency in Multifamily buildings with funding from MassCEC, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.

LEAN Multi-Family