Before You Begin...

We recommend you gather the following materials:


Utility Bills

Copies of your most recent electric, gas, and/or heating utility bills


Account Numbers

Service accounts, billing accounts or meter numbers for your property


Affordability Agreements

Documentation designating your property as affordable or income restricted

If you are unable to submit copies of these documents today, you may submit them later using a secure link provided in your confirmation email. Your application will not be complete until all required documentation is received.

Ready to Apply?

You will be redirected to a web form supported by to submit your application. This form is used to receive and track the progress of your application.

I own or manage multiple properties. Do I need to submit more than one application?

Please submit one application for each property you would like to be considered for the LEAN Multi-Family program. In cases where a property has multiple buildings, we would expect buildings to be clustered in the same general area, or be using shared meters or utility accounts. If your property has multiple scattered addresses, but is managed as a single facility, or uses shared meters or utility accounts, please indicate each associated address within your application. If you’re not sure whether you need to submit more than one application, provide all the details you can in the property description; we will let you know if any additional application is required.

What happens after I submit an application?

After you submit an application, you will receive an email confirmation with an Application Reference ID, and our Intake team will begin reviewing your application to determine whether your property is eligible for the program. We may reach out during this stage to request additional information as needed.

If your application is approved, a LEAN vendor will complete an assessment to identify the most cost-effective, energy efficiency opportunities available to your property. Measures may include In-Unit or Building Weatherization, Heating or Cooling System Upgrades and/or installation of energy efficient Fixtures, Appliances or Lighting. Pending your agreement, LEAN will install, inspect and fund approved work.

If my application is approved, how long will the process take?

Timelines for LEAN Multi-Family projects vary based on a number of factors, including potential work scope, contractor availability, equipment supply chains, and program budgets, among many others. Having complete and accurate information in an application helps us move your submission more quickly through intake and onto the subsequent stages of the process. Contacts from the program will be available to provide updates to you throughout the project lifecycle, and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you, your property and your residents soon!

More Questions?

Additional FAQs about the LEAN Multi-Family Program can be found here:

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