LEAN Multifamily Case Studies

Riley House | Hyde Park

ABCD Energy has been working with Riley House in Hyde Park since 2014, focusing on energy efficiency upgrades. They assessed the building, upgraded lighting and the central boiler plant, performed in-unit weatherization, and have plans for a cutting-edge energy management system. The partnership reflects their commitment to environmental justice and energy equity. Through the Lean Multifamily Program, ABCD has achieved a 30% reduction in energy consumption at Riley House, resulting in over $100,000 in savings for the property owner. The program is available to various types of housing and is provided at no cost. The positive impact on residents has strengthened ABCD Energy’s dedication to their work.


ABCD conducted a comprehensive building assessment and identified a variety of building shell weatherization opportunities as well as over 700 interior and exterior lighting fixtures that were cost-effective to upgrade. Residents received CFL light bulbs and advanced power strips as well as increased comfort through wall insulation and weatherstripping of doors. Eversource and Columbia Gas provided 100% of the funding for weatherization and lighting upgrades.

Pheasant Hill Village was in need of upgrades to existing lighting and the building envelope. The property managers were interested in reducing energy use at the property and saving residents money.

Winn submitted the project to the Program in 2014. Upon acceptance, ABCD conducted an electrical audit and identified 325 lighting fixtures as cost-effective to replace throughout the building and parking lot. All replacements were done with LED lighting. Residents additionally received LED light bulbs and advanced powerstrips.  Eversource provided 100% of the funding.

LEAN Multi-Family